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When a plan comes together

I do like it when a plan comes together.

Friday night was the kayak club weekly river session, this week held at Knightwick.  Paddlers got together a little earlier than usual to gather kit and sort cars, then all headed over to the weir.  There was a great turn out so it was 'boat soup' on the river.  Although this meant there was a bit of a wait between turns playing on the wave (or in my case just going on to the second wave and turning off it again) it was a great atmosphere.  Everyone chipping in with some coaching and helpful hints and advice.  A couple of swimmers through the evening but no drama, and I even saved my first bit of kit....

Sat in an eddy having a chat we saw a boat paddle and swimmer drifting past.... The boat got washed towards the eddy and the swimmer was making his way to the bank, I saw the paddle floating away and no one following it yet, so I went for it. I caught up with the paddle, picked it up, and while trying to sort it out drifted back in to …


So, the car died.

That meant Sunday was mostly spent getting my car back on the drive, sorting out the spare car and getting the alternator out of mine.  It's a really good job that I have a great Dad with a spare car, and a fab boyfriend to get the alternator fixed.  Now it's had a refurb we should be able to put it back on tomorrow, and I'll be back to my normal car (although a little lighter in the pocket 😡).

Other than the car, it's been another straightforward week, with very little really going on that's much to discuss.  It's mostly been a week of planning,  preparation and CPD.

Over the bank holiday weekend the Canoe club is having a stand at the Bewdley Bike Jam, to raise awareness of the club in the area and potentially gather some new members.  This meant the committee had to meet to discuss what we were going to do with this stand, how it would be manned and so on.  A night of cheese and biscuits was planned for, and it was a good opportunity for…

Make it a good one

In many ways this week has been pretty average. No massive break throughs, no fear fighting escapdes, no big splash or giant leap.  The 'normal' day to day.

This average week has bought about a change in Buddy's behaviour after I amended his diet (My barefoot trimmer reminded me about the importance of salt in the horses diet -you can read the article she sent me - here).  So we've been out on a few hacks (Including this one on Strava) and played in the school with some jumps and gymkhana exercises. (Sorry about the picture quality, there was a smudge on the screen)

I've also had a fairly full week workwise, all students making progress with one thing or another. Fiona finding the pace within the pace, and starting to feel for the 'flow of energy' between her and Jazz.  Collette riding Oz, getting some nice work from him, even though he is very different from her normal ride, Cheeko. And today Hannah took Ciscero out on his first hack under saddle, with me …

Turning the corner from terror

Friday night I made it down to my first river session with the club, and I only had the smallest bit of nerves about getting on the water.  It was a busy session with some new faces joining us for the evening too, so there were high spirits all round.  After a bit of a struggle with my deck (it's a tight fit and even more so when the neoprene is dry) I shuffled myself around to drop in to the water.  Not able to get quite straight, there was a bit of a wobble as I went in, but I found that this didn't bother me on the flat water anymore.  Clearly facing my fears on the T has worked as expected, and I'm starting to overcome the fear.

After a bit of chatting and warming up paddling around, the group headed up stream.  The river is low now and the features are small.  I practised some breaking in and out and some ferry gliding at the first little ripple, and was feeling quite confident.  Keith and I tried to make our way up further to the bridge on the water, but after a bit…

Every day can be a good day

After the big adrenaline rush on Saturday, taking on the FEAR and smashing it, I've had a nice few days to reflect and relax.  I had a really good schooling session with Buddy on Sunday, feeling so calm after the excitement of the river, I added a little jumping and it all went very smoothly, so I feel like we are turning a corner, and perhaps Buddy is starting to settle back to his old self.  I was keen to get back in the saddle on Monday too, but Buddy was stiff and possibly just a tad lame (it looked like he might have caught his hocks getting up in the stable), so unfortunately it wasn't meant to be, he would have to have a couple of days off.  I did however, manage to help Keith with some flat pack style furniture he was sorting out for his sister, and I'm glad to say the relationship has withstood the test.  I've heard of flat pack furniture causing gargantuan arguments in couples, and just like the test of surviving through a family gathering, going on the firs…