What makes YOU feel good?

Over Christmas and New Year it is sometimes very easy to forget how much you have accomplished over the past 12 months.  Places you've visited, things you've seen and achievements big and small can all fade in to the background.  Just little cogs in the great machine of life that continues chugging along, relentlessly one day after the next, minute by minute, hour by hour.....
But I say these moments are not 'Just' anything.  Savour every one, and remember them any way you can.  
At the beginning of this year I started making notes of things that felt like achievements or special moments.  And, I'm surprised at how many there are!  I've just sat down to recap them and honestly I'm amazed I got so much done.  The start of winter and the lead up to Christmas felt a little under whelming, and it made it easy to feel like the whole year had been the same, until I reviewed all my notes! 
I've joted them bown below.  It's in bullet point style, as many of the bigger moments I've already written about at length in my previous blogs.

I intend to do a similar exercise this year too!  I'd also strongly recommend you do the same.  Whether it's a piece of paper, a note pad, a jar of little notes, a document on the comupter, at work, at home, on the desk, by your bed... whatever!... keep some little notes this year, whenever you remember to update it or as and when something makes you feel great (Even if it doesn't seem like much but it makes YOU feel good) write it down.  I guarentee you will feel great reading it all back at Christmas/New Year.

Attended Meditation sessions.
Business Website begins taking shape.
Drove a horse box for the second time (The first time being December 2016).
Attended Clinic with Matthew Blane on Toronto (3rd part of jumping series).
Had a catch up with several friends. Some I hadn’t seen for several years!
New relationship begins with Keith.
Attended Clinic with Matthew Blane on Toronto (4th part of jumping series). Drive horsebox.
Began Kayaking and Climbing again with Keith.
Business Website finished and goes Live. You can see it HERE 
Decided to join Evie on the Mac 4x4 Challenge – planning begins.
Competed in Mac 4x4 Challenge (Ireland!).
Keith gets me out on a Mountain Bike...
Pool sessions in the Kayak continue – Apparently I rolled it but I’m not convinced.
Freya starts Riding Buddy.
Kayaking now moves on to the outdoors. Knightwick (First Surf on Little Bob and a Backward Ferryglide), Symonds Yat – many tears...
Began Blogspot
Day Trip to Hayling Island with Keith
Buddy – first lot of loading practice since problems in November 16.
Kayaking – Tweryn Pre-Graveyard after massive melt down!
Business – Ran my first full day show jumping and poles clinic.
South Staffs Show – Qualified for MIDARC at 2’3” (3rd). Freya’s first show – 2 clear rounds.
Kayak on the Dee – Serpents Tail @ low level, Upper Dee as mock student on 4*assessment day.
First night away with Keith and kids in Llangollen. 
Night out at the Glee Club
ALPS – First holiday with Keith. Loads of paddling. Mountain biking (23km) and first Via Ferrata – see blog for more info.
Kayak - Return to Upper Tweryn
Kayak – Arley to Bewdley.
Buddy - Attended 2 day Ridden course at Ride with Your Mind, Oxford. Drive horse box.
Move back to Sladd – Freya now sharing Buddy
My first visit to a 4x / Pump track and Overspokes ride.
Attended and passed 2 Day First Aid Course.
Went to Go Ape on the High ropes course.
Equine Table top Sale in Kinver.
Attended Intro Talk for Dressage Naturally. Essex.
Another Catch up with a close friend I haven’t seen in way too long!
Paddle at Knightwick under lights in the dark!
Lakes trip – first G4 section Back Barrow Bridge and my first Trail Centre Ride on the Mountain Bike.
My First (and probably last) Rave – The Festival of Light
Attended Straightness training Study Group – Wales.
Rolled the kayak (for sure this time) 10 out of 11 times in the pool 
Paddle Dee – Serpents now changed, and at a higher level than I did before.
Two new part time Jobs (Barmaid and Stable hand).
First full day looking after Lewis.... I was trusted with a kid!
Sledging in the snow.
Boxing Day Hunt.
Target Shooting.
Point to Point.

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