Day Eight - "The cold will leave you, but the memories you will have forever"

Rob and I rose this morning around 7.30am and got the kettle on.I’m feeling tired again, and my body clock has clearly settled back to normal as I could quite happily have gone back to sleep.I did a short session of pilates, and then when Matt and Clare emerged we all had breakfast together and discussed the plan for the day.We are doing a long paddle today which covers about 4 sections of river at Grade 1-2, which is from Napoleonov Most to Volkanski Most.It’s already hot and there are very few clouds in the sky.Shortie Cag weather!
We packed the cars and put my boat back on (as I hadn’t paddled yesterday it went in the garage to save the others driving round with it all day) and after some faff, we headed down to Napoleonov.We quickly got boats off and kit out.We didn’t get fully kitted up as it would take around 45 minutes to run the shuttle.Clare and I stayed with the kit and enjoyed some shade while we waited, we got our boats down the steep steps and just started kitting up as …

Slovenia-Alps 2018 - The driving and river maps

Rather than make another days blog huge I thought I would make a seperate quick post just to show some maps and things.  The maps are just from Google maps and an estimation of the routes and mileage. I don't have any fancy gizmo that tracks where you go, so you won't see the odd wrong turn we took and the loops back round ourselves!!!

Tuesday - Day one - Drive from Kidderminster, meet with Matt at Beaconsfield services and drive on to Air BnB booked in Maidstone, Kent.  177 miles.

Wednesday - Day two - Drive to Dover to catch the Ferry to Calais.  Then Calais on to our Air BnB in Pforzheim.  Approx 462 miles.

Thursday - Day three - Drive to Ausburg White Water course and then on to Grosreifling Austria.  Approx 382 miles.

Day four - Friday - Only involved shuttle driving in Austria.  Day four was a paddle Fackwerk to Weiblauf. Day five - Saturday - Shuttle driving in the morning for the run from Petrus to Saggraben.

Day five - Saturday afternoon - drive from Saggraben to Zaga…

Day six & seven - now that's what I'm talking about!

Day 6
I’ve no alarm set this morning, and we had decided we would all start the day whenever we had all got up.So of course I wake up at 5.30 and can’t get back to sleep.At 6am I decide I may as well get out of bed, make a cup of tea, and I sit on the balcony to watch the sun rise over the mountains.It’s so peaceful this early in the morning, I only see one car go by that has a boat on the roof; someone starting their paddling day early.I do some pilates and have some cereal and wait for the others to rise!Rob is up for around 9 and he points me in the direction of the local shop as we have very little milk left.Unfortunately it’s shut, because it’s Sunday, so I walk back empty handed.I don’t mind the walk though, it’s not far and the scenery is so good.Clare and Matt are up now so we have tea and toast, get ready to head to Bovec to stock up on supplies for the week, and get our river tickets.

We have lunch back at the house and have a look at the river map to choose a nice easy sectio…

Day five - ....

The alarms are set again.We have to pack the cars before we leave this morning, as we are driving to Slovenia this afternoon. I’m beyond exhausted.It wasn’t the best start to the holiday with a swim yesterday and I’m not sure if I want to paddle today.The drive will be uncomfortable if my back is playing up.We’ve decided to do the Salza again, but a smaller section from just above the gorge to just below it.We get everything ready anyway and go on up to the chosen put in with Tomas, Marta and Cici.
I have to decide.I’m going for it.The river has dropped again since yesterday so it should be a little ‘friendlier’, and it will be nice to paddle with some new people.Once we get on the water I’m shaking again, largely from having no energy, but also yesterday’s swim is playing on my mind a little.Even the section we get on at is big pushy water. I’m too tired to sing my way through it, and I opt for just remembering to breathe as I go. I’m just about coping but there is no rest for me on th…

Day Four – Been there, done that, got the T-shirt!

Although we had a fairly late night we were keen to make the most of our one full day in Austria and we set Alarms for 7.30.We took our time in the morning to appreciate where we were staying.The little duck chalets are nestled in to the hill side on a little track above the river.It may be simple but it is a stunning place, and I think would be spoilt by anything much more extravagant. We made a brief journey in to the nearest village (Grosreifling) to top up basic supplies and had a relaxed breakfast in the covered eating area opposite our chalet.We unpacked the cars so we had more useable space for the shuttles and got our paddling kit ready.

We met up with Rob’s son Adam, who is working with a rafting and adventurous activity company here in Austria for the summer, and drove up to Wildalpen to prepare to run the Salza River.We decided to use the ‘put in’ just below the main Wildalpen spot, as it would make a very long paddle to do the full run.We were using the ‘put out’ at ‘Weibla…