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Day 19 – An Uplifting Day

It’s been arranged that today the majority of the group are going mountain biking at Montgenevre at the uplift centre.  This is where you take the ski lifts to the top of the tracks (with bikes hung on the back) and cycle down.  There are various routes and these ones have good options suitable for everyone as well as some more challenging routes for the experienced bikers in the group.  Rob, Bill Ali and Matt went to meet Tom and Tom who are arriving to join the group today, and they did a run of the upper Guisane. 
The uplift doesn’t make for a lazy start as everyone is quite keen to make the most of a full days lift pass.We head up to the car park, get kitted up and get our passes, and head on up on the lifts.We gather at the top and the whole group do a run of the green route at first.It’s barely a warm up for the experienced guys, but we go together as group all the same.It’s a shaky first run on my new (second hand) full Sus bike, but I enjoy it all the same.The next run is eas…

Day 16-18 - Guil, Via & Prelles then rest

Firstly, my apologies to those who have been enjoying daily updates, I’ve got behind a little as the strenuous nature of the trip has gotten on top of me. Secondly, my apologies for this post, I’m already feeling the effects of the rum and I can’t say how coherent it will be!!!
Day 16 We are missing Keith, Chucky, Alex and Dylan over the next couple of days as they are making the most of Andy Grimes being available out here, to get their advanced white water course done.It’s been in the planning for the last two years, and has been cancelled every time for several reasons.The rest of us plan to go over Col D’Izoard and paddle on the Guil.It’s a long drive and a bit of a faff day but the river is worth it. Everyone paddles the upper section from the school to the town get out.It’s a nice run that wasn’t available last year as the water levels were too low.We split up in to groups again; The first group is Sam, Tim, Jen, Rob and Ali, and I’m in the second group with Gregg, Bill, Matt, Jamie…

Day 15 - Gyronde, Onde and Le Lac

Keith and I have to get up early this morning.As we did dinner last night, it’s our turn to get breakfast and pack the fridge for lunch.Getting up isn’t easy, as it was 1am before I finished my blog last night. The plan for today is for the group to run the Gyronde, and then the ‘big boys’ will paddle the Onde in the afternoon.Last year this river was NFM (Not For Me) as it was beyond my capabilities, this year the group seems to think I’m capable, and after having such a blast on the Upper Guisane yesterday I’m game to give it a try.

We go to the top get in and drop of those with the big boy pants on.The very first bit is straight on to a Grade 3+/4 section so you have to be good and on your game from the start.Keith, Chucky, Bill, Dylan, Tim and Jen get on here.The rest of us head downstream a little way and get on at ‘the pipe bridge’.It’s a little less feisty here, but still a tough get on to start a paddle first thing in the morning, as it’s still Grade 3.You basically begin at …

Day 14 - Guisane and Valouise Via

Ok, It’s pretty late already so this is going to be a fairly brief summary of such a funtastic day!
After breakfast it was a 9am start this morning, we are going to the Upper Guisane.I’m a bit nervous and Ali asks me if I’m up for this.... I’m not... Austria had shaken me up, Slovenia settled me a little, but even the section I did that had grade 3 in it was only short sections of just about grade 3.The Sun Run had felt messy yesterday, and the large group hadn’t helped.I’ve been wondering how much I’m going to enjoy the alps trip this year, and whether or not I’d actually have anything to paddle with such high levels of water everywhere.The Guisane seems to be a nemesis for a few, Sam in particular has had a few incidents, and S Bend has been a troublesome section for some too.I’m certain I won’t be running S Bend and I’m prepared for the long portage.The get on doesn’t look massively different to last year, there is one little eddy to get on at and mainly that’s used for those of u…