Day One - Slovenia/Alps 2018

Day One......

After working in the morning and doing a few last minute jobs and shopping around lunch time, I officially started my holiday.  No work for almost a month now!

I went home to do the final bits of packing and freshen up before meeting up with Rob to make the first leg of the journey.  Keith dropped me round and helped with the packing Tetris, and away we went. First stop was Beaconsfield services to meet up with Matt and grab a bite to eat, then convoy down to Maidstone where we were spending the night at an Air BnB.

We pulled up to a beautiful Georgian manor house and were shown to our rooms by our host (after the dog 'Badger’ had some fuss of course).  After a few drinks and some planning discussion for the next day (plus more fuss for Badger) it was time to hit the hay. There's a long day of driving ahead to make it to our digs in Germany!

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