A New Chapter

It's been a few weeks since my last blog, recapping the events of 2017, and the year 2018 is already well underway and it seems to be moving quite quickly.  This year is all set to be one fantastic year.  It will be made up of two major events that I'm absolutely thrilled about, and I'm sure a whole lot of smaller (although equally important) happenings that I'm yet to be aware of.

The first of these events - I say first as it was the first one I knew about, but hopefully event 2 will complete before this - is the ALPS trip (extended version).  Organisation is well underway (Many thanks to Rob and Chucky for being lead folk on this, I don't know how you do it) I've paid most of my dues, and I just can't wait.

The trip this year will be 3 and half weeks for Rob, Matt and Myself.  We had originally planned to have Brian with us on the trip too, but he has unfortunately had to pull out due to a health matter.  We will surely miss him being there, but we wish him a strong recovery!

The trip begins for us in mid June with a long drive before a day in Germany at the Ausburg White Water course , originally constructed for the 1972 Olympics.  We will then move on to Austria where we will hopefully meet up with Rob's Son, Adam, and will spend a couple of days paddling rivers near Salzburg.  The next stop is Slovenia, where we will stay for a week to paddle various parts of the Soca.  There will of course be some extra curricular activities such as Zip lining through the mountains, but these will be decided upon while we are on the trip.

The trip then takes us back across the top of Italy, to meet the main contingent for the two weeks in Briancon, paddling the rivers of the French Alps.  This part of the trip will follow the same flow as last year, with 12 of us sharing the big house.  A year on from my last trip I'm a much better paddler already, and with a week and a half to hone my skills, I should be able to tackle a little more and be more confident doing it too!

So, super excited about my jollies, what else could be such a big deal this year?
Well, Keith and I have been together just over a year now, and we've been looking at options for moving in together.  We started looking and.... We're buying a house!

Anyone who has been through this process will know just how slow it is.  Painstakingly slow!!!  It's been a month now since our offer was accepted, and we've only just had confirmation of a mortgage offer.  Still some weeks of searches and solicitors paperwork to get through before we are officially home owners!

Many of you will know that this year I turned 30.... I'm still not sure whether to be sad or happy about this, but I feel like becoming a home owner and embarking on a fabulous adventure, should be a fitting celebration to mark my 30 years of life so far.  It is the beginning of a new chapter for me, as until now I have never moved house.  That's right, my parents bought our family home before I was born, and we haven't moved since.  At first it was really exciting, but as the process moves along it's getting increasingly underwhelming, and infuriating at times.

So that's my 'big' plans for this year.  What do you have in store? A holiday, family reunion, moving house, moving country, changing jobs, or going for a promotion, maybe you are welcoming a new member to the family (two or four legged 😂), or maybe your plan for this year is to re-group and rest.  Whatever you are doing I hope chapter 2018 is a good one for you all!

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