FEAR - Face Everything And Rise

Yesterday saw me return to the Tryweryn with a kayak for the first time in about 8 years.  It was all this time ago, that I took a swim out of my boat (not a suitable boat for my level at the time), and left kayaking behind, or so I'd thought.  My partner Keith is very much in to White Water Kayaking, and he's very good at it.  Since starting our relationship a few months ago, I've felt encouraged to give it another go, not just to join him on his adventures, but also to battle some demons of my own.

A good night kiss after a long couple of days

Surprisingly after the swim, I didn't feel too bad on Thursday, managed to get Buddy about halfway round the block on a walk (in hand) in the morning, a catch up with a friend while picking up a key for this weekends dog/cat/chicken/fish visits, a mini zoo to check on and care for. In the afternoon I had my last session of acupuncture and this time I really felt one of the needles, which left me with a bit of a headache.

Another swim after the rooster

The last couple of days have been a bit of a blur.  Work elements have been much the same, horses coming in and out, and regular lessons going on.  Each time coming away feeling like we've achieved something, and progress has been made.  A long nap on tuesday afternoon to try to catch up with the sleep I've been needing.  And a blustery, rather unproductive, ground work session with Buddy in the afternoon.

West Mids, Portsmouth, and the Wye

After an amazing bank holiday it was straight back in to the full swing of things around home in the Midlands on Tuesday.

A couple of horses still having livery services keeps some sort of routine for getting up (The majority are now turned out on the grass, and with the lighter nights owners are now able to fit in most things themselves, so livery services always drop at this time of year) and then my usual tuesday morning lesson at the yard.  I also had a dog to walk at lunch time and an extra couple of horses to check on in the afternoon, as the owners had gone away for a short break.  Once all the work was done and my own horses sorted, I met up with Keith for our Tuesday evening ride. 

When is a thing not a thing

Having started riding at 3 years old and just kept on learning since then, I've long ago forgotten what it's like to be new to the world of equestrianism, and everything that goes with it. I've been round a few riding schools, loaned and then owned ponies and horses, done riding holidays or just spent the holidays riding at home. I've got a pretty good handle on how horses tick and how to find a solution to most problems I've come across, from just the years being around them. Add to that the numerous courses, webinars, books and clinics and that gives me a really well stocked tool kit.

Surfing Little Bob with a Bank Holiday hangover

Bank Holiday Monday was set to be a little grey with some light showers, and with the day off together, Keith and I were going to join in with a few others for some morning Kayaking at Knightwick.

The big day

And so Sunday came around. This big day I'd been building up in my head as something so terrifying.

A week in the life....

After a very full on week end (see my previous blog post 'waves, wobbles and silly tan lines'), Monday was quiet. With just a few horses to care for at the livery yard this week, I got a few jobs done. Like poo picking the field. The never ending job that comes with owning horses and keeping them at a DIY livery yard to save money. It is a time where I can let my mind wander and just pootle about, you can't get it wrong so there is no pressure, and there is no need to talk to anyone, or smile, while you're out in the field shovelling sh*t.

Waves, wobbles and silly tan lines

In the last week or so the preparation has started for the summer trip to the Alps. After I decided to go and got my deposit paid, I've got some kit sorted and I'm set up with the basics to get out and practice.

2017 things start to get moving

A little over ¼ of the way in to 2017 and it’s already been a jam packed year.

It’s been a rollercoaster in all areas of my life, and it’s a rollercoaster I just can’t get enough of!

The beginning

Having trained as an accountant out of college, I was trudging my way along in a career behind a desk, generally dissatisfied with life, other than having made it in to a career that got me a decent salary, and the prospect of that salary increasing if I just kept working hard. 

Opportunity struck when I lost my job. 

Last river and a surprise find

Wednesday soon comes around, and this is likely to be my last opportunity to paddle.   The plan today is to travel to the Isar.   For thi...