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Back to basics

It would be good for him to go back to basics... Maybe you should go over the basics again... Perhaps you need to go back to basics... It’s a good idea to go back to basics... and so on and so forth.  How many times have you heard one the above phrases?  How many times have you said one of them (or words to that effect)?
We all know that ‘going back to basics’ is a good idea, and at times could be necessary to help you move forward.  No matter where you have gotten to in your training and no matter where your horse is in his training, the basics are important.  If you don’t have some key fundamentals it won’t be long before you start to get problems and reach road blocks, and you have to go back and start all over again.  Many times you will have to undo some of the work you’ve done, in order to get the basics going right again, before you can move on!
How many times have you actually done it?  For more than five minutes?  For more than one day?  It isn’t a phrase anyone really wants…


Ok it's been a while again, especially since I wrote a horsey blog, so here we go.  I'm just going to recount a little story for you and then give you some of my thoughts on the subject.  The story came to mind while I was reading about confidence strategies today.
The other day I was riding a young horse.  I've been riding this particular mare for some time now.  She was sent away to be 'broken in' after the owner and I had done some basic groundwork to lay a good foundation for her.  I've then ridden her weekly to continue her education and build on that foundation in the saddle.  She's doing very well and is starting to find a little joy and relaxation on our rides.
We had taken a route that goes along the bottom of the woods, around the end and then back up through the trees to do a loop, before we would then make our way back to her field.  On the way up the hill she started to get a little extra 'keen', she pricked her ears forward and I coul…