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The mighty T

After a busy week Keith and a quick play at the club Keith and I were keen to get back on the water for a play.  Keith had a new boat to try out and I wanted to see how different I felt on UK rivers after being in the Alps.  So we got together with a few other paddlers and headed over to the mighty T.  The last time I came to the T was an emotional visit, I was a nervous wreck and it all seemed to big and overwhelming.  I faced my fears and along with some tears made it through the pre-graveyard section by the end of the day.  I was determined this time I would do more and I wouldn’t get so wound up.
We got down here and without too much faff we were kitted up and on the water.  I spent much less time on the pre-pre-graveyard with some ferry glides and S-turns to get the feel of the boat again and settle in.  I was still nervous here but it was more a residual feeling from last time than actually to do with today.  Once I felt reasonably comfortable, I decided not to dwell too long o…

Back to the river

After three weeks back at home it was time to get back on the water.  Keith and I have both been a little lazy since we got back.  The post holiday blues you might say.  Nothing seems so much fun when it’s raining and miserable, and motivation is hard to find when you don’t have a big group of people all getting out doing fun stuff together every day.  
We made the effort to get to a Friday night river session with the club, despite the miserable weather which had stopped us the past couple of weeks.  I had my niece for the day and she was excited by the prospect of doing some kayaking with me.  After an awesome afternoon with the horses we got our stuff together and headed to the club.  Pennies paid, we got changed and I got some kit out for Freya to borrow.  It was only once we started to get a boat and paddles sized up for her that reality of what we were doing set in.  I think having seen some of my videos from the Alps she was worried about it being big feisty waves or something…

Lessons learnt - the early years of business

We’ve been home from the Alps a little over 3 weeks now, and I’m only just starting to feel like I’m really home.  My mind has stayed in holiday mode despite getting straight back to work only a few hours after we got back. 
I use the word work here fairly lightly.  As I’ve mentioned before my work now doesn’t feel much like work as I enjoy what I do, and what I came back to was caring for a house full of animals. 
In the last 3 weeks I’ve spent 2 nights in my own bed and otherwise been engaged staying away pet sitting, alongside various lessons and horse care.  Not a bad way to coin a living and being an animal lover it’s something that comes easily and naturally to me.  There are stresses involved of course, as I’m caring for someone else’s beloved family members, I want them to be happy and healthy, with the love and attention they are used to. 
This year I have realised the first stages of my dream.  My work now fits in around my life instead of the other way around, and altho…