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Bits and Pieces

Bits and biting isn't a small subject.  Here are my thoughts on bits, why I have chosen the one I use, and why I don't use certain other ones.
There are many variations on a bit which changes the action of the bit when pressure is applied to the rein, and many variations in metals and shapes that affects the comfort of the bit for your horse, both when resting in the mouth and when the reins are used.  Even just looking at the wide variety of snaffle bits available can be confusing.
My initial preference for a mouth piece is one that has two joints.  This is sometimes referred to as double jointed, with a lozenge, double broken, or 'french link'.  I prefer a bit with two joints over a bit with just one joint because it avoids a 'nut cracker' action.  A bit with just one joint, when pressure is applied to both reins (how most people stop) the two sides get drawn back and closer together, the centre join can then stick up in to the roof of the horses mouth, and …