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Alps 2017 - Do your boobs hang low? TBC...

I’m out in the Alps with a bunch of paddling friends.It’s the holiday I’ve been working towards for the last few months, fighting my fears and getting back to kayaking in a big way.During the run up to the holiday I’ve been too busy to get very nervous about it, thinking more about making sure I have everything I need (including a slightly expensive shopping trip for some new shiny kit!).I decided before we left, I’ve done all I can do to prepare, paddled as much as I could and pushed myself as far as I dared.I had been assured before I left that I was plenty capable of running a lot of the rivers out here, and I was determined that I wouldn’t do anything I didn’t FEEL capable of.Often our perceptions of our capability and our confidence in any given area, will differ from our actual capability.In my case I feel less confident and capable than I’m told that I look; better in my opinion than being over confident and ending up in dangerous situations.
The travel over here was a long trip…

Juggling act

Hey Readers, I'm still alive. I promise.
So I'm sitting tonight to write a blog because, having checked, I haven't written anything for 3 weeks and I'm not sure when I'll next have the time!  Technically I'm working as I'm staying with this lovely pair.

The past few weeks have been a blur.  It's been one hell of a juggling act but it's been brilliant. I've just read through my previous blog, and it feels like so long ago because so much has gone on.  My last post concluded with the a full day clinic on a sunny Sunday in May.... (I can't believe it's June).
The following week flew by with  Cats to visit, Normal livery at the yard, Riding, Lessons, Buddy's Jabs, Dog walking, Kayaking,  Family BBQ, and the Bike Jam. The mixture of work my self employment brings. I had intended to blog but... no excuses.... I just didn't prioitise it over having so much fun!

The week after that I had a day out at the show, more lessons, dog walks, ho…