New wheels....

Alright, I haven't listened to my own advice... no surprise there really.... no 'to do' list created and not feeling much more productive business wise.  I did go to a table top sale last week and I got a few cards out there, managed to make back the cost of the table with items sold too so not an entirely useless few weeks.

I have however, managed to get out exercising more.  The Birmingham Velo came through the area the other week; as we were unable to get very far without difficulty, and Keith has an interest in his bikes, we went over to Bewdley bridge to watch some of the cyclists come through.  It was nice to see them come past actually, all the different charities and causes they were riding for, the more 'professional' looking types and those who appeared to be more 'leisure riders'.  By the time they reached Bewdley they were just over half way, with a little shy of 50 miles to go, and none of them looked tired or out of breath (although I suppose if they were they would have been in trouble!)

His interest for road bikes revitalised by watching the race, Keith 'joked' about signing us up for next year.  A few days later, we were both pre-registered and I had a shiny new (second hand bargain) road bike.... New Wheels... The surprise was the same as when I suddenly had a kayak at my disposal, but at least this time it didn't have the same terrifying undertones!

Well, I figured what the hell... I need to do more exercise anyway and I'd rather cycle than swim.  I've never ridden a road bike before, and it is quite a different feeling at first.  The difference between riding a solid hunter and a race horse.... it still has two pedals that make the wheels go round and whole bunch of gears, handle bars and a seat, but has completely different feel to a mountain bike.  I still don't know anywhere near enough to explain it any better than that.  If you've ever ridden one you'll know what I'm talking about, if not... maybe you should give it a try and see what I mean.

So with my lovely new cycling attire (Aldi specials) and Keith digging out his stuff too, some lights on the bikes and some shoes sorted, we set about getting some miles done on the bikes.  After a shaky start and with a few adjustments to the bike on the way (another thing that was way more complicated with cycling than I thought it would be, is how much the bike set up makes a difference) we did just under 10 miles.  If you fancy a look at the stats for that you can find me on Strava (Laura Morrish) .

Having found that I enjoyed myself I managed to get in a little ride on my own.  I kept hold of the bike after one evening ride from a house sit, and cycled home from there on a quiet afternoon.  It got me another 8 miles under my belt and it felt good.  A little healthy competition never hurts, and Keith was keen to 'catch up' with me.  He did another 17 miles so now I had a few to do to catch up, and I managed another solo ride home via the yard and surprised myself clocking up 17 miles too.... I'm still a little ahead.... lol... it's more fun and cheaper than the gym, but since I haven't paid a subscription the motivation to get out and cycle is sometimes a little harder to find.  I'm determined to keep it up though.

I've also been swimming again, and 32 lengths (1/2 a mile) felt even easier this time.  This may be largely to do with giving up smoking (stoptober) and swimming has provided me with the only noticeable difference, other than my terrible irritability and consistent frustration....  So I think swimming will be useful, at least as a benchmark.  I do enjoy it to a point but it's certainly not my favourite sport!

So now I'm looking forward to a trip to the lakes in November.  It's a kayaking trip, but I've not really done any practice since the Alps (aside from a splash about on flat water shortly after we got back).  My lack of motivation to paddle in the cold UK climate, in murky UK waters, matched by Keith's lack of motivation to do the same.  It has started to dawn on me that this trip isn't far away (a little less than 3 weeks) and my potential paddling days are well... one... before we go.... maybe I'll get Keith to load the bike on ther car too.... :s I've got a bit more time to stress over that one.....

I suppose I will see what the next few weeks brings!


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