Day 23 - Climbing and more inflatable fun!

Day 23

It’s another day where the group has split up to do a variety of activities.  A walk up the mountain to the Glacier has been planned and Rob, Chucky and Jess leave early for this.  Bill, Tom Tom, Alex, Dylan, Tim and Jen are going back to run the racecourse again, as Tim and Jen’s run got cut short after Matt’s swim and the storm coming in yesterday.  Ali is going with them to do shuttling and Matt is driving over that way to enjoy the scenery on the other side of Col de Vars.  Sam, Gregg, Trevor and Jamie have plans to visit the silver mines not far from Embrun and Keith and I take the opportunity for a lazy morning and a small spot of climbing at Le Bez.

It’s about a 20 minute drive to the crag which is set up for sport climbing, nestled in to the mountains surrounded by trees so it’s an ideal shaded spot.  We got ourselves kitted up and went to the wall to pick a route.  Unfortunately, the board displaying the routes and their grades is no longer there and we don’t have a guide book, so we just guess based on our trip last year.  Keith leads the first climb to a ledge about two thirds of the way up and uses a lower off point there, and I second the climb to collect the kit.  Then I picked a route a bit further along which was a little longer, and Keith seconded the climb.  Keith checked his phone then and we’d had a message from Sam to say when they got to the mines they were closed so they were already at Embrun Lake and we could join them when we were ready.  We decided to head off, we’d both had a nice go at a couple of routes and as we’d started late in the morning we wouldn’t of had much time anyway.  We popped back to the house for a quick bite to eat then headed to Embrun with our swimming kit.

Sam, Gregg, Trevor and Jamie were there, and Matt had driven over too.  Bill and Ali had planned to take in a Via this afternoon so we will catch up with them and the Glacier walkers at the house later.  They had had a game of crazy golf while they were there for the morning, and now we were all going on the inflatable assault course on the lake!  Sam, Jess and I had so much fun yesterday, we’d convinced a few more to join us today.  Alex and Dylan were not looking to get to us in time, so we went to get signed in.  Jamie went to find himself a spot to hang his hammock and enjoyed a chilled afternoon, while the rest of us went to play!  The course was great fun again and we were all tired out by the end of the hour.  Keith mentioned he had twisted his ankle a little while messing around but it didn’t seem to bad, and didn’t stop him trying back flips for the first time!  He did several successful ones from different jumping platforms and was quite chuffed he’d pulled them off!  Alex and Dylan arrived shortly after we finished and they went to get on the course too.  Keith and I stayed for a little while to have a drink and enjoy the lake.  It’s a beautiful spot with loads of activities on offer and we think we will try to make it back here for a family holiday at some point too.

It’s BBQ again for dinner, this time by Sam and Gregg, and as we’re just starting to eat there are dark clouds at the end of the valley and a lot of rumbling in the sky.  After a few flashes of lightening in the distance and some spots of rain, some of us head inside with our dinner.  I’ve already eaten loads and Sam announces there is Eaton Mess for pudding.  It’s one of my favourites so I just have to fit a bit more in!  I’m dead tired, a teeny bit tipsy and now have a full on food coma on the way, so I sit down to type up as much of blog as I can before I really need to get to bed.  The storm is still rumbling away around the mountains, but it seems to have circled us and we haven’t had a lot of rain.  The light show of the lightening has been quite terrific though, and it’s still going on as Keith and I call it a night and go to bed.

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